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  GNM 1st Year Exam Date : 01/07/2013 to 04/07/2013.      
B.Sc. Nursing 1st Year Exam Date : 15/07/2013.    


The name of the Governing Society of the College is Gnanyog Education and Welfare Trust, Prantij,(S.K.) Gujarat is registered Under Bombay public Trust Act 1950 (The Registration No is : E/3250/Sabarkantha.) working in the field of education for women. The main objects of the society are established and run the hospitals, health education colleges, Nursing Colleges and professional institutions in various sector of the education in the society. The main aim of this society are to produce a thoughtful, representative, influential, productive and complete professional women. Objectives of the society in education field are :

1.  To spread the message of education from door to door since women may
      provide remarkable contribution in their society.
2. To provide an environment for a effective interaction with society to serve  
     the society.
3. To enhance women Changes to get a Suitable job providing Women
     professional ability.
4. To provoke Women for there rights an achieve status in Society making
     them economically independent.
5. Working together we help to achieve increased confidence and capability
     in the students of the college.
6. To train students to improve creativity and technical skills.
7. To provide combination of practical learning in Hospitals and Laboratories
     with class room teaching.
1.  જીએનએમ પ્રથમ વર્ષ પરીક્ષા તારીખ :૧લી જુલાઈ ૨૦૧૩ થી ૪ થી જુલાઈ ૨૦૧૩.
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